Richard Long – A Line Made By Walking 1967

Richard Long – A Line Made By Walking 1967

Richard Long is a British Sculptor well known for his contribution to Land Art. His piece ‘A Line Made By Walking 1967’ is quite self explanatory. In Long’s land art pieces, he uses the landscape as his medium and, in this case, his body to create a line in the grass. His body has been the instrument of this drawing, rather than a pencil, as he’s walked back and forth in a straight line to manipulate and indent the grass. When I look at his work, I feel the connection that I assume Long feels between art and nature. 

This piece strips back art to its basics; the concept of mark-making on a surface. 

I find it difficult to really define his practice. I consider his work to be performance based, using his title as sculptor to document the actions he has made, and then photographing the site to share the artwork. 

More of his work can be seen here.