Max Kurzweil – Woman in a Yellow Dress 1899

Max Kurzweil – Woman in a Yellow Dress 1899

Max Kurzweil was an Austrian Artist working in Vienna during the birth of Art Nouveau.

The woman in this painting is actually Kurzweil’s wife, and yet he chooses to not disclose this information, keeping her an anonymous female model. What immediately caught my eye about this painting was the shape of the dress, and how it flows down and around the seat. It is a striking colour, and is reminiscent of a daffodil. The fabric has been beautiful painted. Her arms are posed to match the width of the skirt, emphasising her tiny corseted waist. I also rather like her expression; relaxed and yet mildly confrontational. She gently grasps at the back of the chair. It’s a confident and powerful feminine pose.

The chair is decorated in decorative green fabric, implying floral print which sits two-dimensional as opposed to the gentle, shaded creases of the dress. The chair acts a precursor to the Art Nouveau movement’s interest in ornamental design.

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