Ronald Moody – Johanaan 1936

Johanaan 1936 by Ronald Moody 1900-1984
Ronald Moody – Johanaan 1936

Ronald Moody was born in Jamaica, and moved to Britain during 1923. He trained and worked as a Dentist, when he decided to become a sculptor. He taught himself using clay to begin with, and then in the 1930s he began to teach himself to carve.

He was interested in the portrayal of stillness in Egyptian art, and I think that this really comes through. The eyes could be shut, or completely glazed over, but either way the figures doesn’t look conscious. His face is relaxed, and I think it spreads that calmness to us as we view. The figure doesn’t have any hands, hips or legs, and his arms are tightly secured to either side of his torso. Aesthetically, I really like the visible grain of the wood, and I think it reminds us of the very natural material that Moody worked with.

More of his work can be seen here.


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