Doug Eaton – Meadowcliff Pond

Doug Eaton – Meadowcliff Pond

Doug Eaton is a British landscape painter based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. His work is incredibly colourful, and the way he captures the light shows influences from the Impressionist movement. His work often shows trees, which stretch across the whole canvas, dividing the landscape. In this painting, he is contending with the reflections in the water, and I think the mirror effect is quite ambiguous and could even be an extension of the ground.

On his website, he describes his practice:

I think I’ve always been interested in what paint does and hopefully have applied it in as many different ways as my imagination will allow. I have always been aware of a “painterly look” over and above a clinical rendition of anything. I don’t mind the odd dribble here or there if only to remind the onlooker that it is paint at the end of the day.

What I particularly like about this painting, is the colour palette. The reds and yellows are so warming, we can almost feel the sunlight hitting our skin as it comes through the trees. There is enough blue and purple to give the depth to the horizon without taking away from the warm colours. Eaton’s use of colours are unusual for a landscape, making it quite abstract. I can become quite absorbed in his brushstrokes and mark-making, especially the bright twig branches which strike across the rest of the painting.

More of his work can be seen here, and he has work for sale on Etsy.


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