Chloe Cheese – A Cold Spring in New Town 2013

Chloe Cheese – A Cold Spring in Newtown 2013

Chloe Cheese is an artist born in London. Since graduating from The Royal College Of Art, she has worked as an artist and freelance illustrator. Her practice is described on her website:

Chloëʼs personal work always concerns her view of the world around her which she interprets according to her own observation and sensibility. Sometimes the first use or intention of buildings and objects has been lost or altered. She tries to retain a sense of that history and how it subtly infiltrates our visual landscape.

What I love about this piece in particular is how our eyes and attention are caught by the figure in the foreground, and follow up the dark stairs to the door. The figure has quite a confused, almost patronising expression which makes me feel like my voyuerism is being judged. The figure’s coat is the brightest and strongest colour, and is completely opposite to the drawn outline of the second figure at the foot of the stairs. It actually took me a while to see the second figure. 

I believe this piece is mixed media, with paint and charcoal being two materials I think I can identify. There is a charming freeness to her mark making, with the drawing being loose, capturing an impression of the scene. I could believe that this drawing was made from direct observation.

More of he work is available to see here.


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