Arman – Blue Sharp 1979

Arman is was a French-born American artist. He began making art from a very young age, only signing his first name, Armand. A typo in a newspaper later in his career led him to keep misspelling his name for the rest of his career.

His work often features repetition, taking the same object and repeating it so many times it loses its meaning. In his piece ‘Blue Sharp 1979’ it took me a few moments to realise that it was multiple pairs of scissors which he has lined and layered. My eyes are drawn to follow the horizontal patterns which it makes.

It is interesting using a simple, common household object as the medium of his sculpture. I think that this makes the piece much more relatable than using materials which are hard to acquire. As I mentioned in an earlier post, using a household object makes me change my perception as to that object afterwards. Whenever I see it, I see and remember the artwork.

Arman – Blue Sharp 1979

‘Blue Sharp 1979’ comes under his Wall Reliefs, but he also makes Public Sculptures, Furniture, Two Dimensional Prints, and much more.


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