Jenny Morgan – Let Go 2010



Jenny Morgan – Let Go 2010

Jenny Morgan lives and works in New York, USA. Her paintings are a combination of hyper-realism and abstract, with her figures sometimes being blurred or a hand is painted a bold, solid colour. It gives an interesting element to figurative and portrait painting.

‘Let Go 2010’ shows a portrait with a blurred out face. It looks although the face, which had once been painted, has been wiped away in a vertical action. I wonder if it’s symbolic of some form of identity censorship. Morgan has kept the very fine hairs which creep across the figures face. It is just the facial features which are obstructed.

There are hands framing the face, delicately touching the cheek and under the chin. These hands are painted with a dark skin tone, taking a redness from the solid red background. Do the hands belong to the figure? Or to someone else? The hands appear as if collaged in place, not fitting correctly with the rest of the painting, and yet it still works.

Morgan’s work is extensive, with multiple exhibitions and opportunities to see her work in person. I find her work to be really exciting and interesting; an organic development in the field of figurative work without staying completely true to the model’s form.

More of her work is available here.


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