Georgia Henn – Review on Thursday 2015

Whilst in Birmingham earlier this week, I picked up a catalogue for the New Art West Midlands. This is where I saw this piece, by a recently graduated artist, Georgia Henn. The installation is described as 74 documentary photographs, Perspex tubes and photographic display mounts. 

Georgia Henn – Review on Thursday 2015

The piece originally reminded me of David Hockney’s photographic work, where he photographs a subject from multiple angles to build a cubist inspired impression of the subject. Henn has used documentary style photographs of her grandfather whilst in hospital. Where the photographs are suspended on different heights, the piece gives a fresh perception on its depth, and explores the combination of photography and sculpture as an artistic medium. 

The catalogue describes the work as:

Its aesthetic, materials and subject give the work a clinical feel; when seen as one image, it appears to both isolate and rupture the body, making it dissolve into the walls and into the ether. The effect is curious and melancholic, at odds with what we might expect of a portrait of a cherished family member.

From my own experience, when visiting a loved one in hospital I find it hard to focus on the body in the bed, and often observe the different objects and surfaces of the room. Henn’s piece still allows me to do so, even with the portrait being the focal point. It looks like a fascinating installation, which I wish I could see in person. 

More of her work is available on her website here.


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