Hans Bellmer – The Doll 1936

The Doll c.1936 by Hans Bellmer 1902-1975
Hans Bellmer – The Doll 1936

Hans Bellmer was a German Artist, who is considered to be a Surrealist Photographer. He’s best known for making pubescent and abstract dolls. ‘The Doll 1936’ is a photograph of the second doll that he made. I find it difficult to really define the medium of this piece, whether it be sculpture or photography, as neither would exist without the other.

I find Bellmer’s work equally disturbing and fascinating. They are strangely shaped, unnaturally twisted figures which are neither true to life nor completely abstract. The dolls are recognisable as holding physical human qualities and features whilst still being grotesque. Theartstory.org describes holds an interesting description of his practice;

Hans Bellmer’s art, often in the form of dolls he called language images, served as a form of personal therapy, in which he objectified abusive relationships, explored his fantasies, and projected the essence of his desire for women and objects.

More of his work can be seen here.


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