Will Cotton- Ice Cream Cavern 2003

Will Cotton – Ice Cream Cavern 2003

Artist Will Cotton currently lives and works in New York, USA. His hyper-realistic paintings often depicting an interesting combination of women and confectionery. Not only does he paint, but as shown on his website he has also explored printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

In the case of ‘Ice Cream Cavern 2003’, the female figure is reclined in a relax and classic pose which is reminiscent of paintings from centuries earlier. Although she is nude, she is not naked, and her lower half is doused in what appears to be half melted ice cream. Her surroundings, which we assume she is inspecting even though her back is turned to us, consists of a strange, sweet filled world much like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It’s sickeningly sweet even to look at, and the light glistens on the melting mountains of ice cream which surround her and fall back into the distance.

This painting, and many others of his, seem to be painted for our Id. The Id is one of three parts of Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the pysche.  It combines two of our most basic human instincts: to consume and to reproduce. Although it is aesthetically pleasing as well, being undeniably ‘well-painted, it also has pornographic implications. Please excuse me for being crude, but that can be assumed by the white, thick liquid that the female figure is covered in. I’ll just leave that there.

Overall, I consider to his work to be a snapshot at the fantasy at work in his mind. I wonder why he chose to combine these two themes, but it appears to have been ongoing throughout his art career. I look forward to where he takes it next.


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