Tracey Emin – Untitled 2000

Tracey Emin – Untitled – 2000 – Photographic Print

Tracey Emin is well known for her controversial contemporary art through a variety of art mediums. Now that her well known installation piece, ‘My Bed’ has been on display in the Tate Britain, she has become even more accessible as an artist.

The first time that I really experienced Emin’s work, was during my studies at A Level back in 2010/2011. I was working on a project on figurative art, and stumbled across some of Emin’s photographic work. I was initially drawn in by her vulnerability, her nudity paralleled with the derelict appearance of the floorboards and panelled walls.
I enjoyed the pieces simply for their aesthetic; the delicate nature of her posture; the fact that the artist was herself posing as the subject; it was all still quite new to me. It wasn’t until I took the time to read up about her life that I really began to understand the power of Emin’s art, or indeed all conceptual art. It made me literally weep.
Reading, only briefly, about her life whilst looking at these artworks made me realise the element of confession and personal connection that I had not truly felt and experienced before.

It was a real turning moment for me and my understanding of conceptual art.

Tracey Emin – Untitled – 2000 – Photographic Print


I’ve since become a huge fan of Tracey Emin, and will always pipe up to defend those who don’t understand how someone can call “their unmade bed a piece of art”. I have written more on my thoughts on her work on my university blog from a few years ago.



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